Lexington | Encaustic

Lexington | Encaustic


The original photograph was taken on film and printed on archival, acid-free paper.  It is mounted on a wood cradled panel and coated with layer after layer of encaustic medium. In some pieces, black and white encaustic medium is layered to enhance the mood of the image.  Each piece is unique because of the variations in brush strokes, wax density and translucence.  Each piece is also a limited edition artwork because the original image is only used a certain number of times for each size.  The edition number is labeled on the back of the piece along with my signature.

No need for framing, your piece of art is ready to hang or stand by itself on a shelf.  However, float frames are an option if one is interested.  Do not frame the artwork behind glass.

Each piece of art is carefully wrapped to ensure that your package arrives in perfect condition.

CARE: Use care not to scratch the wax surface while dusting (careful with fingernails or jewelry!) and only use a very soft lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber or jersey. Do not use cleaners or solvents. Encaustic wax is stable between 40°-110°F. As with any fine art, do not hang this piece in direct sunlight as this may damage the piece. Avoid freezing and extremely hot temperatures.

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