Cows, A 10" Round Photo Encaustic

Cows, A 10" Round Photo Encaustic


Cows is an original film image printed on japanese kobo paper and mounted to a 10” board which is displayed in an Italian gilded wooden frame. Layers of molten wax have been fused over the image, offering a sculptural depth. This piece is only available framed as is shown in the image.

You know the feeling you get when you’ve walked a while and you come around a bend to a beautiful expanse of land? The way your breath catches a bit and you realize that maybe you will just take a seat and stay a while, letting the sun warm your skin…acknowledging the connection between yourself and that place - that very moment.

This feeling was the inspiration for my latest collection of paintings. A conversation of Oil and Cold Wax abstracted landscape paintings with Photo Encaustics that highlight both the expansive and smaller details of our natural world. 

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