Blush One, A 12" x 12" Oil and Cold Wax Painting

Blush One, A 12" x 12" Oil and Cold Wax Painting


Blush One is a 12” x 12” oil and cold wax painting with hints of gold leaf mixed into the landscape. It is one of the two paintings in the Blush Diptych. It ships unframed and can be displayed directly on the wall or framed to preference.

You know the feeling you get when you’ve walked a while and you come around a bend to a beautiful expanse of land? The way your breath catches a bit and you realize that maybe you will just take a seat and stay a while, letting the sun warm your skin…acknowledging the connection between yourself and that place - that very moment.

This feeling was the inspiration for my latest collection of paintings. A conversation of Oil and Cold Wax abstracted landscape paintings with Photo Encaustics that highlight both the expansive and smaller details of our natural world. 

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